How to use to send free text messages

  • Are you tired of signing up on those gimmick free SMS sites & dealing with hundreds of spam emails daily?
    If yes, then say hello to – your one stop shop to text messages made simple, easy and free.
  • Here at, we make it easy for you to send text messages to any phone number from the web.
  • To get started, simply choose your recipient’s country and enter the phone number.
  • Please note that in some cases, depending on the country, you can also choose the recipient’s service provider from a drop down menu.
    If you don’t know the recipient’s service provider please simply select the "I don't know the provider" option.
  • Next, select how you wish to receive replies to your text message.
    If you choose to receive your replies by email, please enter your email address in the space provided below.
  • Afterwards, type in your message and click the send text button to send it.
  • Wait for reply.
  • Simple as that!
  • Our platform saves your conversations with your recipient(s).
    So whether you intentionally or accidentally close your browser, you can quickly, easily and conveniently access your conversations at any time.
  • Using is simple, fun & absolutely FREE.
    So why not give it a try today to see how amazing it really is?
  • Start now!
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